Single Trolley Rotary Rack Oven In India

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Single Trolley Rotary Rack Oven In India

Single Trolley Rotary Rack Oven in India

We manufacture and supply exceptional quality  Rotary Rack Ovens that is in wide demand in the market due to high performance and premium output. The basic details about our Rotary Rack Ovens are as follows.

Firing Chambers

Our Ovens are fitted with firing chamber, which is a completely insulated chamber with mineral wool on the outside. The firing chamber conserves heat within and thereby increases the overall efficiency of the oven. Within the chamber, we fit advanced automatic burner and imported temperature controller.

Heat Circulation

Our Ovens have special heat and air circulation system which circulates the hot air evenly in the entire structure. Our oven is equipped with diesel fired heating system, which is specially designed to stop the burnt gases from entering the main baking unit. Our Rotary Rack oven also has an imported burner and temperature controller which regulates heat within the chamber with the help of feather touch control panel


Our Oven is fully insulated with high grade mineral wool insulation and mild or stainless steel covers to avoid any form of heat loss.


All the side walls of our oven are covered with mild steel or stainless steel sheets


Single Phase and Three Phase Electricity  (240V / 415)

Electrical controls indicators

Temperature Control

Digital Temperature Control with thermostat and timer along with hooter

Color :  Silver

Voltage :440V/  220V

Material :  Metal

Frequency :  50Hz

Driven Type :  Electric


Type Rotary Rack Ovens
Material Stainless Steel
Color Shiny-silver
Usage Roasting And Heating
Driven Type Electric


Technical Specifications :

Model Tray Size Trolley Bread Sponge Cake Buns 45g Biscuits Khari Power
JBE/1100 600x800-44 1 210 75 kg 630 Nos. 28 kg. 17 kg 2.5 HP
JBE/900 450x700-44 1 168 53 kg 432 Nos. 20 kg. 12 kg 2.0 HP
JBE/800 450x700-32 1 120 38 kg 336 Nos. 16 kg. 9 kg 2.0 HP

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